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Okay...I'm a-SHAME-d *rimshot* to admit it...but sometimes I can't always understand British accents...but I LOVE THEM! I mean...LOOOOVE them! I could listen to a British person speak all day long. And a cockney accent makes me weak on the knees (I wonder if a ghetto American accent does the same for them? Ha Ha...doubt it.)...Anyway...whenever I watch shows online from the UK, sometimes I have to pause and and go check out because I may not understand some of their terminology. Than once I learn it...I walk around trying to throw it in my everyday conversation like a total dork. Ha Ha! I'm obsessed with all things UK. ;-)

One of my new favorite shows is SHAMELESS! Absolutely BRILLIANT! I'm only on Season (series) 2, and am going to do a marathon this weekend to see how many I can watch!!! But one thing that always gets me, is in the beginning when "Frank" is describing each of the kids, I can never seem to quite understand what he's talking about when he talks about Phillip. It's not that I can't underatand him, it's just that I don't understand the terminology. He says something like

'Lip...Who's a bit of a gob shy which is why noone calls him PHILlip anymore.

What does that mean??? Gob shy?

Any help for this US fan would be FANTASTIC!

P.S. I loooove the part where he says "...they know how to throw a paaaaahey". Pahey = Party...I love that pronunciation! Ha Ha! I need to move to the UK! Fa real!

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