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British Drama

Like cups of tea and crumpets, it's got 'Britain' written all over it

British Drama Community
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No American slang please, this is a British community! For British stuff, so if there will be any slang it will be British. Go us Brits :) Oh and, we use the phrase full stop here instead of period.

British Drama

Like cups of tea and crumpets, it's got 'Britain' written all over it

Hello, and welcome to the Livejournal community dedicated to the complete wonderfullness of British television drama. We do love our quaint little commedies, rather gruesome murder mysterys and frankly crazy sci-fi's, and so here is the perfect community to show and spread some of that love.

At this community we aim to provide a friendly atmosphere where people can discuss and share their favourite dramas. We also intend to offer a wide variety of fanfiction, icons and other similar fan-neccesities, made by our members themselves.

We do not hold back on people who can join, absolutely anybody can. Even if you've never seen a British drama in your life and you're only joining to see what all the hub-bub is about. Simply click the 'join' button and get exploring.

We do require all members to at least briskly go over the user info as to know how to post correctly and behave appropriately, but it's probably best if you give it all a good thorough reading. Thankyou.

To see a list of some of the programs we support visit the interests section. If you think we are missing some, feel free to tell us in this post.

Rules & Guidelines

To maintain the friendly atmosphere here it is essential that we keep to the basic rules of common courtsey, these include keeping bad language to a minimum, respecting other people and their work, avoiding annoying pointless posts which agravate people - The list is endless, do we really need to go over it?

Try not to overload the page with entries, as much as we would love to hear what you have to say, we would also like to hear what over people have to say as well. Try and leave at least 60 minutes between each new entry.

If you have a rather lengthy entry please put it behind a cut, if you have lots of images in your post please put behind a cut. The same goes for spoilers, speculation and sillieness! Basically, unless your entry is less than a paragraph long, put it behind a cut. It keeps things clean and tidy.

If you are going to use an icon posted here, please make sure you credit the respectfull owner. To credit the owner you must put their profile name in the comments of the pic [Once uploaded] For more information click here.

Posting content

It is probably best if it is made perfectly clear how to post content, so the mods don't have to run round fixing things.

Firstly - Fanfiction. It is relatively simple to post fanfiction, the actual story goes behind a cut and the description etc. of it goes in front. Please note that in the description it must include the title, the author, the rating, the characters or pairing, the program of which the characters are from, a brief description of the fic and the disclaimer. Simple enough yes?

Secondly - Icons, Banners and other graphics. Yet again a simple feat. Post all your graphics behind a cut and a description outside the cut, along with up to 3 previews. The description must include the number of icons, the program/s they are from and any disclaimer or credit requirements you want.

Finally - Fanvids and anything else. Ach, you get the picture by now. Content behind the cut, description out of it. Thanks.


We have a simple, easy and precise tagging system here to keep things nice and organised. Please, please please tag like we ask you to.

Our tagging system goes like such - Firstly you put the nature of the entry you are posting, this can range from discussion to icons. Very simple, you then put a nice comma on the end and move on to the next tag. The program. All you have to do is put what program your post is about! (Yes you can put more than one program, you do this by seperating with comas)

EG- If I was posting a load of Torchwood and Dr Who icons, my tags would look like this- Icons, Torchwood, Dr Who or if I was asking a question on this weeks Wild at heart, the tags would look like this- Question, Wild at heart. Easy isn't it.

Links out

Below we have a selection of links which we highly advise you visit.


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